U Shape Feed Barrier Trough

Included are pictures showing 50 young stock feeding around our U Shape barriers with room for 15 more.

Two 88 mm diameter holes in the floor fit pipes that can be used to install T frames to enable fencing wire to be run along both sides of the trough. Please see the final picture.

The wire prevents cattle from jumping into the trough. It also allows feed to be run at both sides of the trough to maximise efficiency and space.

Our heavy duty U barrier’s dimensions are as follows:-

Height – 25 inches, Maximum Width 69 inches, inside channel width of 59 inches, 94 inches in length. They weigh slightly over two tons.

Our barriers have thick walls and are reinforced with fibre mesh and steel which enables them to withstand aggressive use. ( including the belt of a tractor wheel )

They have a wide recess on both sides which makes them easy to move.

End pieces are available that are easy to fit without the need for any bolts or fixings.

The end pieces slot into a 2 in wide notch at either end of the barrier. The ends are interchangeable.


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