Regular Slurry Channels

Slurry Channels can reduce costs for farmers by channelling effluent into one tank rather than investing in a series of tanks.

As long as there is water in the channels the weight of the slurry will force it to float on top of the water along the channel.

An end piece will always keep 18 inches of water within the channel system.

Our heavy duty channel dimensions are 2.4 m (7ft ft 10 in ) long by 1.2 m (4 ft ) wide by 1.1 m (3ft 8 in ) high. The channel walls are 100 mm ( 4 in ) thick and they weigh 2.1 tons

Included is a picture of the 16 mm re bar cage that is part of each channel.

Our Channels fit neatly together using a grooved system. We recommend a sealer like Sikaflex to seal the channel joints.

Our channels have thick walls and are reinforced with fibre mesh and steel.

We do not use ready-mix. All our concrete is mixed in our specialised batching plant.

There is an Excellent finish and smooth surface to ensure the slurry flows steadily through our channels.

We supply Slurry channels with a diagonal slotted Lid.

Our Heavy Duty Slotted Lids can bear the load of cattle and tractors ( 7 ton axle load ). They weigh 1.2 tons and are 228 mm (9 inches ) thick. They also have four 16 mm lifting sockets.

Four 16 mm diameter Lifting Sockets are built into both the channels and the lids. This enables the channels and the lids to be laid quickly.

Lifting Loops are provided.

The Slotted Lid is suitable for use with scraper systems. We find that most customers prefer slotted lids so they can clean into them with a scraper.

Also included are pictures of our Channels being installed on a farm in Listowel, Co Kerry.

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