Low L Shape Feed Barrier Trough

Our Low L shaped barrier has thick walls and is reinforced with steel and fibre mesh. This enables it to withstand aggressive use including the impact of tractor wheels.

You will note that there is no fall out in the back wall. It is straight. However there is a half moon shape on the front face to channel the feed to the cattle.

They weigh 1.3 tons each.

They won’t fall over.

Their dimensions of our barrier are as follows:- height of 610 mm ( 24 inches ), length is 2400 mm (94 ” ) and width is 765 mm (30 ” ).

They have a wide recess to make them easy to move. They can be easily lifted with the forks of a tractor.

Our End piece does not need any bolts or fixings.

Our end piece is 24 in ( 605 mm ) high, 28 inches ( 710 mm ) wide and it is 12 inches ( 300 mm ) thick at its base. This means that no feed can escape and it can be butted against the end barrier to allow extra feed space.

We mix our own concrete in our specialised batching plant leading to a stronger and more durable mix. We never use ready mix in our products.

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