Rainwater Harvesting Tank 850 Gallon

Potential uses include Rainwater Harvesting and collection of Effluent.

Its Dimensions are 5ft 10 in Long by 5ft 10 in wide by 5ft 4 in high. The walls are 3.5 inches thick.

Alternatively the metric dimensions are 1775 mm x 1775 mm x 1625 mm. The wall is 85 mm thick.

The weight of the tank ( Without the Lid ) is 2.7 tons.

Slotted and Solid Lids available. Each type of Lid has an Inspection cover.

There is one 4 inch (100 mm ) diameter input/output hole on the top side of tank. Please see the attached picture.

Sockets for lifting eyes are built into the tanks , the lids and the inspection covers. This ensures that our tanks can be easily moved and installed. Also the lids and inspection covers can be easily opened and closed..

We include 4 lifting loops with our products.

We mix our own concrete in our specialised batching plant. This leads to a stronger mix.

We NEVER use ready mix in our products.

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