Cubicle Base

Our standard dimensions are as follows:- Length of 7′ 6″ or 7 foot- Width 3′ 9″. Height of 10″ at the front edge tapering to 8″ at the rear edge.

They can be placed both head to head as well as side to side.

They can be used with nearly all manufacturers cubicles.

We recommend the Cantilever type of cubicle to prevent the cattle getting trapped in the ironwork when they get up from the bed.

In the Cantilever Method :- Vertical posts are inserted into the head of the cubicle base. Horizontal metal bars are attached to and run along the line of these metal posts. The Cubicle dividers are in turn attached to these horizontal metal bars. Please refer to the pictures shown above.

Our beds are Versatile – there are Wide Recesses on all sides which make them easy to move from any side.

Vat can be reclaimed.

Finally we mix our own concrete in our specialised plant which leads to a stronger more durable mix. We DON’T USE ready mix in our products.

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