Sheep Dip Tank

Our tanks max volume is 340 Gallons and it weighs approx 2 tons.

Lifting eyes are incorporated into the side walls and we provide 4 lifting loops to ease installation.

There are 7 steps to enable the sheep to exit easily.

It has Smooth Rounded Internal Walls and Edges to prevent injury to the sheep.

The tank tapers internally to cut down on the amount of dip required.

Its internal width tapers from 2 ft 3 in wide at the top to 1 ft 8 In at the bottom. The Internal depth is 4ft 4 in and the internal length is 8 ft 6 inches.

Overall length is 9ft 8 inches. Overall depth is 4ft 10 inches and overall width is 2 ft 11 inches.

The walls are 4 inches thick and the floor is 6 inches thick.

The tank is fully Reinforced.

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