6-Foot High A Shape Bunker Dividing Walls

We supply a comprehensive range of precast concrete Bunker Silage Walls products to the Agricultural sectors all over Ireland and the UK.

A shape bunker/dividing walls can store a significant volume of bulk materials. Bunker Walls are a cost-effective method and require minimum labour costs for their erection.

  • Forms a perfect seal at the 90-degree corner joints.
  • Bolt holes for fixing to a concrete surface: two on each side.
  • Holes are incorporated for both top or fork lifting.
  • The reinforcing steel cage runs along with the height of the wall up to a few inches before the top.
  • Very strong and can withstand impact from heavy equipment.

Size Specification: 

6 ft / 1.8 Meter High 

2,200 kg 

1.2 m X 1.2 m base.


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